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No Forehead Kisses Here

About the Blog

So why are there no forehead kisses here?

“A forehead kiss can be a comfort to anyone. It’s the “motherly” kiss, the “just friends” kiss, or more commonly recognized as an “endearing lovers” kiss & for the conscious community, it’s the “Third Eye” kiss.  A simple brush of the lips across the crown of one’s head can mean so many things. For me, simply put it means to attain life, love & happiness in its purest form. A metaphor unspoken; much like the intensity between Darius Lovehall & Nina Mosely in the movie Love Jones. Until I find that or it finds me...NoForeheadKissesHere.” - NFKH, 2009

No Forehead Kisses Here is a blog for the every day woman just trying to navigate life, motherhood, career, dating & relationships, all while trying not to lose her $#!%. A safe space for anyone to be their most authentic selves, unapologetically. 

You can expect to find memoirs of dating after divorce, single mom chronicles, and how to live a plant based lifestyle. Coffee for the good times, Wine for the even better times.


Live. Laugh. Love...but *WARNING* Don't try this at home!

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