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It’s Our Anniversary

It’s our anniversary! One year ago today I did a soft relaunch for No Forehead Kisses Here the blog. This was birthed out of the the perils of the pandemic and a need to put idle time to good use. I knew I wouldn’t write much at the time because I was also in the process of starting a business. No Forehead Kisses Here had been archived on blogspot for quite some time, but it’s hashtag had been alive and well on Instagram for years and no one knew why.

So why are there no forehead kisses here? Well as it says in the About the Blog section, “A forehead kiss can be a comfort to anyone. It’s the “motherly” kiss, the “just friends” kiss, or more commonly recognized as an “endearing lovers” kiss & for the conscious community, it’s the “Third Eye” kiss. A simple brush of the lips across the crown of one’s head can mean so many things. For me, simply put it means to attain life, love & happiness in its purest form. A metaphor unspoken; much like the intensity between Darius Lovehall & Nina Mosely in the movie Love Jones. Until I find that or it finds me...NoForeheadKissesHere.” - NFKH, 2009

You see I divorced in 2009 and I’ve been a VIP member of the situationship circus ever since. So let the side show begin! No Forehead Kisses Here is an online manuscript of transparent tales of a single mother dating after thirty and divorce. My hope is that through this transparency you leave this space with more laughter, light, and love….and for goodness sake the wherewithal to not make the same mistakes I have….but if you do, that’s ok too. We are only human and if anybody gets it, it’s me. The heart wants what it wants but when that heart breaks, sometimes the best medicine is to simply feel all of the feels. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be able to look back later and laugh at your own pain.

Honestly some of the stories you will read here are down right ridiculous. For example: I wrote a piece on my birthday called Birthday Kisses and it was supposed to be the piece that announced that after all this time, 84 years to be exact, the Forehead Kisses had finally arrived…and the best part was that they were to have arrived on my birthday. Chante’ wasn’t the only one who was going to have a man at home. But alas, your girl left for Chicago with no man and came back home with no man too. Chuckles. It truly is laughable now but baby, the events that took place at the time were next level painful and as such Birthday Kisses didn’t make the blog until today with a little revamp to the ending. I’ll have to tell you what actually happened on my birthday last year some other time. For now, today is simply a day of celebration and reflection; a reminder that while Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, you can’t truly love anyone until you love yourself first.

“Self Love- Being in love with every part of yourself. Taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Not settling for less than you deserve.”

Woman with red lipstick looking in the mirror as she’s photographed
I’m ready for my close up…

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